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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Water Quality in Mysore

There is a serious debate going on ,in Mysore with regard to the qualty of drinking water, While this is good, one feels the debate is going on for quite sometime, which is needless. The standards for drinking water as prescribed by ISI or other National or international organisations of repute are very clear. They have even specified the nature of tests, Parameters to be measured ,the process to be followed, the quantity of samples to be taken etc. Any person, organisation following these procedures can ascertain based on the test whether the quality of water is fit for drinking or not.

In Mysore, we find MGP and MCC claiming different results for the tests conducted by them and accordingly variation in water quality . Would it not be better for both MGP, MCC and other NGO's to pool their knowledge, resources .sit down together , share the valuable information and do tests together. This will solve so many problems, especially the misgivings and apprehension of over 10 lakhs of people of Mysore with regard to the quality of water they are drinking. Also ,it will build mutual trust between both the parties who have the welfare of the public whose welfare they uphold.

The media- the press or the T.V should once again the initiative and bring the parties together. The Institution of Engineers- a professional body could easily do this. This will greatly help the cause of Mysore. Let's build together. Let's not break and fall apart .

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Publicity of Mysore Dasara

Mysore Dasara was kicked off byWriter Baragur Ramachandrappa under publicity, of the wrong kind...However, why didn't the organisers go in for the right kind of publicity for which there is a crying need.

Bengalis celeberate Durga Puja in a big way.Already the e-tv Channel has a Durga logo on the left side of the channel which will stay for the next 10 days. NDTV etc will cover exclusively in their News.( Of course it belongs to Prannoy, Roy- a Bong and a famous Bong at that.)

The Gujarathis are not far behind. The Gujarat Govt. appealed to the Supreme Cort and have got the time for 'Gharba' dance extended upto Midnight. It is also shown in the various channels every night.

What about the 'World Famous Dasara' as is bandied about? It is not heard even outside Mysore!Why can't the DC, District in charge Minister do the following:

1. Invite NDTV correspondents Maya Sharma and Nupur Basu to visit Dasara and have them file reports EVERYDAY? Dasara is 10 days, Navarathri is 9 hights and it is NOT just Jambu Savari! Similarly call Z ,India today Networks. CNN did a one week coverage on India and Pakisthan just last week. Couldn't we have used the opportunity. Why not something in BBC? Please think Big..

2. Kerala and Tamil Nadu Govts. advertise tourism in their States in CNN ,Discovery Channels. Karnataka with so much to offer is no where in the picture. The Tourism Minister got miffed because his name was in the roster! This can happen in only Karnataka!

3. Chandana, Mysore channels should have' illuminated Mysore Palace' as their Dasara logo for a month on the left side of the screen throughout. Even now it's not too late!

It's sad.. There is so much efforts in getting money released.. So many are working hard to make it a sucess Let the outside world know about it. Let's sell the great name of Mysore all over the world. To do that Dasara is the best bet.

I request Mysysore to organise a contest for a catchy phrase in Kannada, Hindi and English . The winning phrase with suitable logo should be used to give wide publicity all over... Then only it can truly becomr 'world famous'......