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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekly Warbler

Anna Hazare : Hot and cold blasts! Sizzles between Anshan in Jantar
Mantar and pleas to Sonia Gandhi.

Amitabh Bachhan : Says Melody has gone from Hindi film music. True;
That is from the day he sang Rang Barse..!

BJP : On mission ‘Mass suicide’ a la Jonestown 1978

Boxing, Yeddy vs. HDK: Even Gods will run to save themselves from the
Karnataka Jokers!

Digvijay Singh: Foot, always –in –mouth Syndrome!

Lata & Sachin: No retirement plans! Only Belt out more runs, songs…..

Lalit Modi: Cricket fireworks from Exile!

Mayawathi: on ‘one Rape a day’ spree in UP……..

Rahul Gandhi: Like Hamlet - ‘To take the hot seat’ or ‘not’; Let
P.M. warm the seat for some more time…

Sonia Gandhi: Double checked locks are ok in Zug, Switzerland!

Daily Corruption capsule: Tihar Jail to open Corruption Wing Ward!

Movie of the week:
For Yeddyurappa and HDK: ‘Hum Sab Chhor Hain’.

Song of the week:
For Birthday Boy Rahul Gandhi: ‘Mera Number kab Ayega?’

Till next Week