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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Water Quality,Typhoid Vs. MCC

February 10, '06

At the risk of being termed repetitive, I have come back to the topic of water qualty supplied to Mysoreans by MCC which I had raised in December 2005.Evasive answers, slipshod responses from MCC has resulted in a situation wherein we have children down with Typhoid today.How long will the authorities continue to hoodwink the people whom they are supposed to serve? Most of the time, MCC gets in to a combative mood whenever anybody tries to question the methods adopted by it to test the water quality.

If the MCC is really serious and has concern about the health of children and have nothing to hide, let them call an independent body, say,experts from Indian Institute of Science( IISc, Bangalore) and ask them to evaluate the samples. If they do this and publish the results, they will do a service to themselves by correcting the process if they are wrong and, above all bring the mater above suspicion, mutual recrimination. Surely Mysore's population, Children especially, deserve better than what's going on!!

If MCC doesn't heed to the above suggestion, does the citizenry have the right to take the matter to C.M. or the Governor to have the uncaring and callous officials removed? Can anybody throw light on this please?Is this possible in our setup? ( I know matter is pending with C.M's office on the earlier petition on the transfer of officials.)

Quality of water supplied: People of Mysore Vs. MCC

February 9th, 2006

At the risk of sounding repetitive,I will come to the same topic regarding quality of drinking water supplied to us by MCC.

A month back, I had suggested there should be a mechanism to check the veracity of claims made by MCC regarding the quality of water supplied .Most of times, it ends up as a fight between MCC Vs. Voluntary body like ACIM. As we have found , it is too serious a matter to be left to the whimsical attitude of the officails. I had suggested an independent well respected institution like ,say, IISC, should test the sample of water supplied and make the results public. We should be able to take the matter to C.M. who seems to be pro-active and get this rEsolved once and for all. With typhoid raging already and god knows what else is in store for Mysoreans ,it's time the shadow boxing is stopped and one gets to nitty-gritty of things.

Finally, one question for which I would be grateful, if somebody can enlighten me..... If the Commissioner / MCC stonewall all alleggations, give slipshod answers, don't generally care, is there no 'HOPE' for its citizenry? Can't higherups intervene? What's the solution?

Do we have to have some corpses of school children in front of us before some action from higherups can be expected to throw out inefficient , and more importantly callous officials?