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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekly Warbler

Warblers are small songbirds varying from 3.5 inches to 10 inches. They chirp and sing from time to time when happy, sad or for no reason.
Play any song of the bird you like.
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Weekly Warbler will chirp once a week on matters
that you and I come across, in a lighter vein……


·         Two faces of the same coin: 1942,  Bapu's ' Boycott British Goods' ... 2012, ' Hello FDI !' pic.twitter.com/6ALS48aM


·         Dr. Manmohan Singh’s birthday coincided with International day for Deaf and Mutes.. Some coincidence indeed!

·         UPA Govt's fate hangs with so many 'M's! It may end up in Prez PM's table after some Horse trade. Finally, the key may be with M for 'Modi'!

·         Salman Kurshid: 'Expect more exciting changes in Rahul Gandhi's role..'! Really this takes the cake for unpolished maskofying !

·         Ajit Pawar in Maharashtra Government quits over irregularities in awarding irrigation contracts. Good though Supriya Sule calls it, Pawar fell for the ‘call of his inner voice’! Now, When will we hear re Coal block contracts..?


·         To what extent serial scams, over last few years contributed to runaway inflation and price rise of essential commodities in India? Any studies?

·         Rs. 72000 Crores is the scam in Irrigation in Maharashtra over last decade. Gentlemen! Does it match with number of suicides of farmers in Mah while ministers were busy looting the State money?


·         Hello! Please do your own investigations on 2G, Coal etc. before CAG comes with their findings. That is what independent media is all about!

·         Do English Channels cater to only top 5 to 10% of the top crest of population and miss out on rest of us?


·          We don’t give Bharat Rathna  first for ‘Green Revolution’ Father M.S. Swaminathan  and ‘White Revolution’ Father Dr. Kurein  but  get busy changing laws etc to  give sportsmen….!!


·          Who checks on veracity of products and tall claims advertised in media? Apparently none..


·          How can AITA stop somebody from earning their livelihood by banning Bhupathy and Bopanna  from playing for their country? This is different from dropping. Meanwhile Court says: Advantage 'Bhups-Bops’!

·          It’s official! Nobody can remove Kalmadi from IOC! You can even remove PM and  President but not Kalmadi. He has dug his heels deep into the athletic body and this virus won’t go!


·          Naani’s Health Tips:   To get rid of nausea, cut a lemon into two halves and suck the juice. This will drive away nausea!

·         Warbler’s Weekly call: L Is Coalgate finally out of Networks and Print media after the diesel hike, FDI, Mamta’s pullout, Mulayam’s somersault and NCP’s Nautanki ?! Then the objective has been achieved. Q.E.D.! J

Till next week…



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