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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Weekly Warbler

Warblers are small songbirds varying from 3.5 inches to 10 inches. They chirp and sing from time to time when happy, sad or for no reason.
Play any song of the bird you like.
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Weekly Warbler will chirp once a week on matters
that you and I come across, in a lighter vein……


·         A collective sigh of relief from all parties as Anna disbands fight against corruption!

·          Before you could say, Usain Bolt, Anna disbanded his Team!

·         Rise and Rise of HM Shinde as he is leader of the House in Lok Sabha and a member of the Congress caucus may mean he might even end up as PM…?

·         Has Advani done hara-kiri by predicting PM won’t be from BJP or Congress? Congress is not saying this!

·         Advaniji making controversial statements by the hour…! What’s happening to him..?


·         Now a new threat to girls wearing Jeans.. Acid attack! At this rate we can disband Army and hand it over to Rama sene, Khaps and Local Talibans to handle security!


·          Nanda who killed half a dozen while drunken driving gets community service as punishment!  No Comments!


·          Is Indian Team playing hockey or Hookey?! 

·         Manoj Tiwari scored a century last time after which he warmed the benches. Now he has clicked again in Sri Lanka but sure to warm the benches, courtesy, our Selectors!

·         Kirani James, 19, wins Gold in 400 meters for Grenada, a population of 100,000. That is  much less than population of a locality - Dadar, Mylapur, Basavanagudi or Tollygumje in India! 


·         Frankly it looks like two different Olympics when we see our players perform and Sportspersons from other countries perform..! Where are we going wrong Mr. Maken?

·         Ideology-driven China and free-market driven US reap Olympic medals. Ham na ghar ka na ghaat ka!
·         Are we a Nation of just couch-potatoes, mouse-potatoes and overweight plain potatoes…!


·         Carrots together with alfalfa greens are the richest food for Vitamin A to take care of your eyes.

Naani’s Health Tips: After the meals, take one piece of Clove (Laung) and suck on it slowly.  This not only gives instantaneous relief but also helps in reducing the onslaught of diseases arising out of acidity…..

Warbler’s Weekly call: Maken saab! ;-)  Get Gopichand, Geet Sethi, Milka Singh, P.T. Usha on the board to plan for 2020 Olympics..Otherwise, with Babus and Old M.P.s running the Indian will continue to languish at the bottom, for sure.. :-) 

Till next week…



  • Team Anna is a creation of the press.Team members were forever contradicting one another.The Team was "branded" but not "bonded".Hence "dis-banding" was easy.
    Shinde is the latest example of Congrss's new policy of recruit them young. He joined the party when he was young around 50 years ago. And he will definitely make a better PM.The chap can at least speak. He is not a "Mouna Samiyar"(silent sage) like MMS :)

    By Blogger R.Ramakrishnan, at 7:23 PM  

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