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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weekly Warbler

Warblers are small songbirds varying from 3.5 inches to 10 inches. They chirp and sing from time to time when happy, sad or for no reason.
Play any song of the bird you like.
file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Ramachandran/Desktop/Birds.htm (Right click on the link and open ‘Hyperlink’)
Weekly Warbler will chirp once a week on matters
that you and I come across, in a lighter vein……


·         Team Anna and Manmohan Team should settle issues through bouts of Boxing or plain Indian Wrestling.. That would be more dignified…

·         Sadaananda and Nityananda essentially mean the same, but there’s world of difference in their chosen field of profession…

·          Choosing a President resembles a corner kick in football with one amongst many aspirants waiting at the goalpost finally kicked in…

·         Narendra Modi may finally come short of his ambition stumped by one from his own Party…

·         The Brits don’t have much to celebrate..  So they continue to flog Royalty in some pretext or other…


·         From the time IMD using their multimillion $ Cray computers  eureka-ed, ‘It’s monsoon!’ all the clouds have just disappeared!


·         Mr. Narayana Murthy now feels Bangalore cannot take IT anymore. Thanks Sir! Now how do we de-computerize Bangalore? Any Software for that, sir?

·         Get this? Bangalore is growing wildly every hour like a jungle with new Phases, new Layouts thanks to Landsharks….  All there is, is only one Cauvery to quench the thirst of bludgeoning populace….

·          Delhi is acutely running out of water.. Now what will happen if you get stuck in 35 Lakh swanky loo in PC..?


·         Thanks for Euro 2012, French Open and Thailand Open, how mistaken we were thinking cricket was the only Sports on the Planet!

·         BCCI and Sports Ministry continue their fight by ignoring cricketers who won World cup after 28 years for Arjuna Award! Which will be next new low?

·         After counting all their money from IPL, Indian colts are facing ’chin music’ thanks to W.I. fast bowlers! You can’t hide behind Money and subcontinent pitches for long..


·         Without any real news breaking out, they have to make do with Ramdev meeting leaders one by one as ‘breaking news’!
·          There is more mara-mari on 9.P.M. News channels than any pubs and that too without any drinks on the house!


·          ‘How to paint flowers in Oil / still life of oil painting’ courtesy: Artistsnetwork


·         Naani’s tips: Ginger, Adrak fights body pains, knee and joint pains.. add a dash of it in your food and drink to stay free of pain..

Warbler’s Weekly call: Abe Lincoln said this years ago: ‘Most people are just as happy as they choose to be’.  Well said, Sir! It’s all within us.

Till next week…



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