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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekly Warbler


Yeddy:  in 24 hours, Zameen , Aasmaan Fark.. from Hunter to Hunted.

Air India: At this rate it may fly out of aviation radar forever!

60 Years of Parliament; Main topic for discussion? How long will it last?

Akhilesh: Governing rhymes very well with ‘Goon’ing in U.P.!


IPL: Spot-fixing charges here and Lalit Modi commenting from UK? Couldn’t get better!

Cross connection with Bollywood: SRK is both Mentor and Bouncer for KKR!

Sports Minister Maken: Now IPL surely must come under RTI? P.M., still mum!


Dollar to Rupee: Catch me if you can!

Govt.: Sluggish Market? Wake us up when it’s all over….

Aarushi Murder: Clueless for 5th straight year…:-/


Bollywood turned 100! So did Zora Sehgal the actor! But Bollywood totally forgot about her L


Naani’s advice: Use your two doctors – left and right leg every day. Then you don’t need a third Doctor.

Warbler’s Weekly call: ‘Anna! Stick to what YOU know best. Don’t let others do it for you ;-)

Till next week…



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