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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Selection of Sachin in Indian Team!


Selection committee of Indian cricket team is in a quandary these days whenever they sit to select an Indian team.

Sachin Tendulkar’s status as they would call in Facebook simply baffles them. Sachin is one of the greatest all time cricketers, if not the greatest, as we all know. He is also the highest run getter in all forms of the game such as Test Cricket, ODI , number of centuries etc. His record itself has reached 99 which may take some time to reach 100.

Given such statistics to face naturally the Selectors are quite nervous as his record is more than all the selectors hitherto who were Indian Selectors till date put together.

How can selectors know if Sachin is available for selection.. meaning has he selected himself for a tour, series or not? Here are some  ways, possible though not foolproof yet.

1.   #   Selection committee meets in front of his house. As they are discussing weather, IPL payments etc.. from Sachin’s room, the door flashes a sign ‘IN’. Eureka! Now that he has selected to play himself the selectors have only to select the rest of the team which they do in a few minutes and depart for meeting with Media with great relief writ on their faces.

2.    #  Sachin can send smoke signals from his house in Carter Road, as they do in case of Pope’s selection. If he sends out a green smoke that means he has selected himself! If he sends out red, he is in no mood to play the series. This will be quite is easy to follow. Srikkanth who these days  uses Varilux glasses may have trouble identifying the colours. Jimmy should help out here.

3.    #   Sachin can flash signals on a TV screen for the benefit of the Selectors. If he sends ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons, he is definitely not playing as he is thinking of jokes and selectors remind him of Jokers! Jimmy will very well understand this. If he is playing Latha Mangeshkar’s song ‘Ye Maalik there Bandhe Hum’ from Do Ankhen Baara Haath’ he is definitely playing.

4.     #  He can come to the window with his IPL owners who are also his Bhabhi and Bhayya. Then he may not be playing as he has to go for a business meeting here or abroad or consult an orthopedic in London or New York; in which case he is not playing. If he is shown with an adidas in his hand he is definitely playing as that gives an indication he is thinking of net practice.

5.      # If he is seen with Rajiv Shukla these days, he is definitely not playing as thoughts of Rajya Sabha, Chhote Sarkaar, Graameena Udyog are occupying his mind. If he comes out with boost in his hand with a cap on selectors can sigh a sign of relief. That means he has selected himself.

Seasoned Sachin watchers are still wary of jumping into conclusions. It might need some more studies before you can conclude what is in Sachin’s mind. The only ray of hope is: he is not quitting cricket so there is time to hone the technique for the selectors.

Seasoned cricket ‘Experts’ can give a running commentary during the live telecast which will no doubt help everybody. Of course they will have to be paid extra from the networks, Star cricket and the parent body BCCI. Nobody will grudge them for that.



  • Brilliant,boss.
    Its become rather a joke,isn't it? The selectors have to accommodate his whims and fancies.Imagine the plight of other cricketers if they were to choose the games or series they would play in .

    By Blogger tinda, at 12:12 AM  

  • Incredibly amusing! Now that Sachin is an MP no one can dare to drop him except "Himself".

    By Blogger R.Ramakrishnan, at 1:00 AM  

  • Thanks Guys..

    By Blogger ER Ramachandran, at 4:40 AM  

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