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Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Fast Unto Death' to get what you want!

Take It Easy!

By agreeing to create a Telengana State over KCR’s ‘fast unto death’ UPA has set in a chain reaction which could divide India into bits and pieces.
The power of ‘Fast unto death’, even if it is only for few hours, helps reap rich rewards has been well understood and practiced widely in our country.
Only recently Tamilnadu Chief Minister Thiru Karunanidhi went of a lightning ‘ fast unto death’ for 4 hours after his breakfast and till his Lunch time opposite Gandhi Statue in Marina beach for the cause of Tamils in Sri Lanka. He went on a fast in style complete with cot, pillows and battery-operated fan much to the amusement of everybody except his diehard fans and his ruling partner UPA.
This is one area India with its expertise can export the technique to countries both backward and developed.

Where could the ‘Fast unto Death’ (FUD) be utilized effectively? Let’s have a look.

* Key Indian negotiators Chandrashekar Das gupta and Pradipto Ghosh can go on a FUD under a shamiana in Copenhagen in front of delegates busy with their lavish parties and demand Developed countries to accept India’s policy, which at the time of going to fast is still not clear either to Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh or his Prime Minsiter Manmohan Singh.

* External Ministry Twins S.M. Krishna and Shashi Tharoor , could have gone on a FUD in front of Finance Minister Pranab Mookherjee’s House. After offering them lemon juice Pranob Dada would have then agreed they can stay in Rs.15000/ per night at Hotel Maurya as long as they wanted.

* Karnataka chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa and his handful of loyal ministers could go on a fast; till death of course, in front of Chamundi temple warning the Goddess that she and only she would be responsible if anything untoward happened to the C.M.

…… *100 ft apart in a shamiana dissidents fresh from their wining and gorging ways in Hyderabad resort, would have replied with a FUD of their own asking Goddess Chamundi not to heed to C.M.’S fast and requesting her to depute Mathaji Sushma Sawaraj to evict the incumbent.

* Behen Mayawathi (BMW) could threaten the Supreme Court with a FUD for stopping the construction of Marble Statues in Lucknow. One look at the impoverished BMW, the full Bench of the Supreme Court would have been convinced to sit on the marble floor to hear her plea to construct many more statues of the C.M.

*Suresh Kalmadi could have sat on the unfinished stadium in Delhi and gone on a FUD till Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) recall their CEO Mike Hooper Mike as Kalmadi just cannot share space with him in Delhi.

*Madhu Koda may still take recourse to FUD just to prove that he is innocent. Koda need not do that. Sonia already feels that he is innocent.

*Santosh Hegde may go on a FUD in front of Chief Minister’s House, for not taking action against corrupt State Government officers caught red-handed. Government may not oblige Hegde, as where will it find space in jail to throw so many employees and their political heavyweight friends and what will the Government do with empty quarters not to speak of empty offices?

*Imagine…If only Shivraj Patil had undertaken a FUD, he could have remained a Home Minister after sipping orange juice from the Chairperson of UPA...

And finally,

*Bal Thackeray will not FUD insisting that a Muslim be made an Indian Prime Minister.

If the choice is between Tendulkar and Gavaskar for the post of Prime Minister, Bal Thackeray will prefer Gavaskar, may never want Tendulkar, but safe to say, he will not go on a FUD for either of them.

If there is a chance, however slim it is, he will go on a FUD… that is if there is remotest possibility of Uddhav Thackeray becoming the Prime Minister.

Uddhav Thackeray? Yes.

Don’t laugh.

Such laughable events have happened before.

Who else do you think will go on FUD to achieve their ends?
*Picture courtesy: World News