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BLOG - ER Ramachandran

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stop the practice of Animal sacrifice

While India, a developing country is maintaining a continuous higher percentage of growth rates of more than 8% every year and is an acknowledged leader of Software industry, some of the medieval practices and prejudices that we follow rank us almost at the bottom of the heap.

Take for instance, the animal sacrifices to propiate known and unknown Gods for getting sudden wealth, prosperity and long life. Even today, hundreds of cows, buffalos, sheep, and goats are slaughtered in the name of some religion or other and thousands of liters of blood splashed in various temples to seek divine intervention and overnight prosperity. Neither the political parties, nor the officials of the Government have made any efforts to stop this wretched practice. More often political parties and their satraps are themselves involved in this mumbo-jumbo practice and use the Police machinery to subvert the law.

Despite awareness due to spread of education, superstition still persists amongst some innocents which are fully exploited by charlatans and unscrupulous poojaris promising unlimited wealth and prosperity will be theirs if they kill animals and propiate gods with the blood and force them to practice this barbaric act. They do not even hesitate to force the victims to kill their own children to attain imaginary unlimited wealth and prosperity.

It is here the Government, both at Centre and States have failed the people all these years. The religious Mutts of all faiths have turned a blind eye to this social menace of alarming proportions. Both animal lovers as well as institutions working for the welfare of animals are unable to do anything in this regard. The Government should make sure stringent punishments are meted out to those who indulge in such inhuman acts.
Will Government introduce tougher laws, make sure they are strictly adhered to and mean business by punishing those who scuttle the laws whosoever they might be?

It is a shameful and disgraceful for a country which is ready to send astronauts to moon, which ranks right at the top with regard to scientific manpower, just unable to stop this barbaric, heinous practice of animal sacrifice even after Sixty years of Independence.

We need to end this abhorring practice once and for all.