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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why do we visit ancient temples, monuments?

One of the reasons why we visit heritage places is to know the historical or spiritual background of the place ( Sthala Purana) and appreciate the monumental efforts that went in to the creation of such enormous beauty, structure or edifice. That is why Mona Lisa is eternal, as also the Taj Mahal or Effiel Towers.
In Mysore we have equally fantastic places of interest such as The Chamundi Hills, Brindavan Gardens ,The Amba Palace to name only a few. These places have great background story / history behind their creation and toursits coming from alll over the world will give anything to know about the Sthala Purana such as who / when created this and how did they do it?
Instead of giving that historical bit of news what do we give to quench the thirst of the inquiring toursit? See the first picture.
This board next to famous Nandi sculpture in Chamundi Hills does not give any detail about the monument. It says , in both Kannada and English the following: "Quote":
Under Setion 3 of the Karnataka Ancient and historical monuments and archeological sites and Remains Act 1961, this is declared as a protected monument. Whoever destroys, removes, injures, alters, defaces, imperils or misuese this protected monument shall be punushable with imprisonment which may extend to three months or with fine which may extend to two thousand rupees or with both as per Section 26 of the Karnataka Ancient and Historial Monuments and Archological Sites and Remains Act 1961.
By Order
Directorate of Archaelogy and
Museums in Karnataka, Mysore " Unquote"
There is no mention anywhere when it was sculpted , which period, under which king, who was the sculptor etc! In some places there is some alteration in the board such as President of India Hon. xxx visited the site on date / month / year etc.
In Chamundi Hills itself though the chamundi temple came during Yadava period, there is a Mahalingeshwara temple which is attributed to 4th , 5th century A.D. In fact people are supposed to visit the Shiva temple and then only visit Chamnudi temple. Probably Yadavas themselves might have practised the worship in that order.
It is true lot of miscreants and even educated idiots indulge in sculpting their and their lovers' names on priceless heritage monuments and to prevent such henious acts warning is indeed necessary. There are no two opinions on that.
But shouldn't a tourist, visitor who comes from all over the country and all over the world know the historical significance and detals of that place. Not all can afford a toursist guide and basic details should be made available as a right to the tourist. Then only you can call your city as truly a heritage city!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chennapatna Toys

In Chennapatna they make some of the finest toys for over 5 decades.They are inexpensive and most importantly, unlike the chinese toys where they use lead paint, they use safer vegetable dyes for bright and cheerful colours.
The Government of Karnataka and the Central Government should make efforts to promote this industry which is crying for attention. If given proper help and infrastructure they can come out with toy car models and scaled down models of buildings etc . Our officials travel far and wide, make junkets to China, but do not find time to promote safer local toys in International market!