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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Water Quality in Mysore

There is a serious debate going on ,in Mysore with regard to the qualty of drinking water, While this is good, one feels the debate is going on for quite sometime, which is needless. The standards for drinking water as prescribed by ISI or other National or international organisations of repute are very clear. They have even specified the nature of tests, Parameters to be measured ,the process to be followed, the quantity of samples to be taken etc. Any person, organisation following these procedures can ascertain based on the test whether the quality of water is fit for drinking or not.

In Mysore, we find MGP and MCC claiming different results for the tests conducted by them and accordingly variation in water quality . Would it not be better for both MGP, MCC and other NGO's to pool their knowledge, resources .sit down together , share the valuable information and do tests together. This will solve so many problems, especially the misgivings and apprehension of over 10 lakhs of people of Mysore with regard to the quality of water they are drinking. Also ,it will build mutual trust between both the parties who have the welfare of the public whose welfare they uphold.

The media- the press or the T.V should once again the initiative and bring the parties together. The Institution of Engineers- a professional body could easily do this. This will greatly help the cause of Mysore. Let's build together. Let's not break and fall apart .


  • I am not familiar with Mysore media folk, but as someone for whom reporting was bread and butter for a long while I wouldn’t approach the media for dispute-conciliation. Media have a ‘chat-pati’ copy in mind whenever opposing parties are brought together to share a platform at a news conference. And no one knows this better than bureaucrats and politicians. Reporters, by instinct, tend to highlight differences and sharpen the divide, which make good news copy.
    A proper person to convene a conciliatory meet between MGP and MCC would be the DC or the district minister in charge.
    That an issue such as water quality can be debated to such unseemly lengths points to chronic ego problem. If we haven’t found a solution to the water problem, it may well be because we have a flair for creating a problem, for every suggested solution.

    By Blogger GVK, at 6:37 PM  

  • I strongly agree with GVK on the point that approaching the media for a dispute-conciliation. This issue has to be solved by joining hands with the authorities.. no point in going against each other.. The way I look at it the situation, is no matter how much the NGO tries hard to prove that the water samples analysed are not potable.. the NGO should collect the analysis report and go the concern department or talk to the administration about the findings.. and amicably solve the situation.. If the NGO thinks that the problem can be solved by publishing the findings by itself.. then that is a misconception..

    I am not aware as to what kind of analysis has been carried out by the City Corporation and by the NGO.. whether its the chemical analysis or the Biological analysis. While I was working on this project at Andhra Pradesh, we had this agency SGS International carrying out the both the analysis. The two bottles of water samples were collected from the borewell. One for chemical and the other for biological. Both the bottles were sterilized before collecting the samples and were sent for analysis within 48 hours to the laboratory. That's we covered a sample size of 3000 odd borewells in the 19 dists of Andhra Pradesh.

    I think, we the people need to trust the administration in carrying out their duties and if any flaw in the administration, talk and try to convince the authorities in the findings.. and see what action can be taken.. Asking the DC or the Dist. In Charge Minister to call for a meeting is NOT the right course of action... The NGO should and must co-operate with the authorities.. and settle the matter!!

    The present situation has been blown out of proportions..
    If the NGO feels the water is not potable then the NGO should provide proper and appropriate solution to provide potable water .. not go to the press and publish that water is not potable... that is not called for..all said and done.. Mysore's 12 lakh population is not concern about the water being potable or not.. they are more concern if the water is available when they require it.. If they were as concern like the NGO.. then they would have surely kicked up a row!!

    By Blogger Suresh Yerapathi, at 12:58 AM  

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