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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

'Spellling Mayd Eejy''

Take It Easy!

Spellling Mayd Eejy’

- Courtesy CBSE

In a historic move to make exams headache - free for students and easier for answer paper evaluators, the CBSE is planning to ignore wrong and incorrect spelling by students henceforth. Gradually, one can expect grammar will be added to this list. In course of time, we can imagine following scenario in the entire academic spectrum.

§ Leter form Stoodent to his Klass Teascher:

Dear Saar ,

Lunch peeriod lost weak, a peeg bite me and take mine Alpenleebe from my mouth. Blood oose my baayi .I dvelop hed eak in my stomak, I not attend skool. My ckkippaji also asked me to do chutti as he tooke mee to Mysore Ecsibsion. We see mpty stalls and eat Bhajjis and drink sugarcane rasa.

Esterday Arthmetik teacher ask me 15 tables. 15 into 10. I tell, I will ask C.M. for answre, teachser beat me.

If my doddappaji not take me chinnari mela nex tweak, I vill attend to your next klasses.

Yours obdent klassboy

Anuma –VI A

§§ Leter from the Hedmaster to Skool InspeKtor.


The Bord Inspktor,

Dear Saars ,

Most obedeent Respectsu.

Evrything not kushala here. Only Sankata. No Dasoha here as no riceu. We give only Dosa and no chutney.

All Mysore skools children danjer of geting pigs and moskitos fever - Encflltis because of VI A Hanuma. My Teechers are skared of getting enciflits and ‘chickengunna’ from haiklu and thret to strike. Thanks to Mysore Korportion, Mysore peegs eat more and more in roads, parks and skools! Teechers are terrriffied of muskitos ,peegs and Hanuma and want him suspensionu from skoolu.

Hanuma gives same answer for all 15 Tabels as 150! Matter urjentu. Beyand control me. If you not come, me go on leeve. Pleese advice.

Yours turly ,

Skool Headmastru

§§§ Letter from Skool Inspector to MCC


The Kommissionre ,
Mysore Korperasion

Dear Kommissionre Avare,

Your pigs byte our skool Hanuma and fear spread to all my Hed Masters and teachres catching Encephalittis and chicken Guniya. Shamefull matteru! In U.P. , lost year , lots of skool children die due to moskitos and pigs and madum Sonya Gandhi and future P.M., Rahul Gandhi very very angry. I will complayen to them.

Our Hanuma turning mad after pigbyte. Gives poltical answer for 15 Tabels. 15 into 10 answre says ‘ baayella ' Bella Ree !’. All pigs roam our skools because no strings attached. Tie them in korporation to your chairs so no pigs come to skool and byte other Hanumas. If no place in Korporasion, build another MCC and keep your peegs there! Enuff of peeg menase and nonsense to stoodents, teaschers and jeneral publics!

Yours sinserely,

Fed up Broad Inspektor and still feeding


E.R. Ramchandran 27 July 2006


  • Here in Singapore, the Government is trying to o the opposite and get Singaporeans to speak betterEnglish. What they speak here is mostly Singlish and it has become an embarrasment for some and has become an issue. Seems India is always moving in the opposite direction.

    Hillarious as usual and a treat to read.

    By Blogger Blog-Capt. Anup Murthy, at 5:18 AM  

  • The following relates to your friend Mr Murthy, the small cargo plane pilot! he is afraid of publishing this. Internet is a world information infrastructure with no censorships. If you censor the following, we will publish it in other blogs. We sent a sample to them. We are inundated with more! Mr Murthy has the hbit of getting into the nose of every one. Does he suffer from a complex of some kind?

    I agree that all of us have fake identities- you, me and GVK in this world, philosophically speaking. Shakespeare said’ All the world is a stage, And all the men and women merely players’. Sorry, I forgot that you did not go to university.

    We have had enough of your pretences, your façade as a ‘Captain’ and the weighted chips on your shoulders. Kris is but one of us a considerable few who watch myMysore lending itself as a propaganda tool for people like you.

    As Kris said in her comments (Kris is a she!), you are a hired pilot. Many in Mysore who do not have the money that your parents had to send you to Miami to get trained as a pilot who believe whatever you are dishing out. Nothing wrong in talking about planes, places, Greenland etc… But say that you are a hired pilot. A van driver in the sky.

    You see the problem? In all My Mysore blogs (unlike a sister blog which has viewers of all kind, contributors of all kind, and which is growing day by day in terms of its popularity, there are only the usual ‘players, yourself, GVK , a guy called Balmy whatever with a grand title ( he is really barmy!) and one Mr Rao who chimes agreeing everything you dish out.

    We traced you contributing in a number of blogs, we checked you in US and we tried to find out what your roots are in Mysore-came up with not much. All we got was that you were a college drop out , wandering in the streets teasing girls and your parents had enough and packed you with cash and sent you to Miami.

    Sue us? Go ahead. Let us see what comes out!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:07 AM  

  • Mr Nataraj

    hose who criticise this phony 'Captain' Murthy are not empty vessels just becauase their identities are not revealed. I reveal my identity here. I am Ramaprasad and Kris, could not reveal hers becuase her sister was staulked by your friend, the pompous ass Murthy. I am not sure how much you know about this 'Captain' who was an eve teaser lurking around women's colleges. What he describes in his blog about planes can be found in good publications such as the publishers of 'Jane Defence Weekly'. I can recommend a couple of my good friends in NAL or the Aeronautical Engg dept of the IISC.

    Mr Murthy was a college drop out,he did this to himself as I said above was chasing girls, terrorising them and neglecting his studies. His family got tired and ashamed by complaints and packed him off to America, where they assumed that he would continue his university studies. He simply joined a company training pilots for small cargo carrying planes and that is what he is.

    You can see from other discussions he is a very rude guy and suffers from inferiority complex ( he is a mere pilot)and hence is abrasive.

    By Blogger Ramaprasad, at 5:08 AM  

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