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Monday, November 21, 2005

Pot holes as Roads and wasted efforts of traffic police

Mysore traffic Police under the guidance of Mr. Praveen Sood is doing very good work in traffic monitoring and control for the last 6 months. Signals at important junctions,speed sign boards,reflectors, creating awareness among the public are some of the steps that have been taken for the improvement of traffic control.

However ,all the above steps will work only if the roads are in a condition suitable for riding a scooter/ motorcycle/ moped or a car. As an example, one has to see the road which our DC uses everyday from his residence to the office and back.It is the worst stretch in Mysore with some of the potholes resembling moon's craters.Two wheeler riders find this stretch a death-trap and some have actually succumbed to accidents in this stretch....Yet nothing seems to be happening...It is laughable if the rains are blamed for this as no water gets collected in this stretch due to the slope. It is shoddy work at its best, supervised by greedy officials and condoned by top bosses. Does the MCC care? Can't they be taken to task for its callousness when there is death dancing in streets of Mysore?

What's the use of having fantastic sign boards,creation of awareness, yellow and white lines drawn from a hightech machine when the MCC doesn't bother to keep the roads even to a level of a mud track seen in any village. If this is the state of the road used by the DC, one can imagine other roads in the city...It is only 6 months back our previous Mayor visited Australia to see their roads and infrastructure......

If our DC does not bother about the horrible condition of roads which he uses day in and day out, why is traffic police wasting its money and effort?Finally, the repair that is being done now is an apology for the maintanance of a road..


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