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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Respect to Artistes at the end of a concert/ play

Mysore is the cultural capital of the State and we are lucky so many performers of repute come to perform in the city. Thanks to Cultural organisations, Dasara festival, Rangayana etc.. we get to hear carnatic & Hindusthani music , and also see classical dance as well as well directed plays all through the year.It is also a tribute to the various organisations who encourage and nurture local talent. That's the way it should be. Then, what's my gripe and what am I cribbing about.....?

It's just this. As soon as the performer starts singing , say, for example, the last song' Pavamana' at a carnatic concert, the audience, you and me included, rush out to start our scooters, vehicles or whatever. The audience which has enjoyed the programme and interacted well with the performers thus far, suddenly runs away even without so much as a' Thank you'.True, the organisers would have felicitated the artistes and we would have all clapped as a token of our appreciation. But still something is missing... in our appreciation of the artistes who made us forget our problems even if only for a while , and uplifted our hearts.We need to show our appreciation better , say,by staying in our seats and cheering the artistes by simple act of clapping.

It's a similar situation at the end of a fantastic play. I have seen and have been guilty of running off before the artistes who made the play possible - the actors, music and lighting chaps, director etc are introduced to the public. Rushing out and starting our scooters becomes the prime activity at that moment.

It's a phenomenon peculiar to us in India. In western countries the clapping goes on sometimes more than 5 minutues.Artsistes, performers thrive on public adualtion and support more so when it happens immediately after a gruelling performance when they have put their talent,heart and soul for our sake....

Mysore is known for many wonderful qualities. We have some very good critcis too. Should we start to' correct' this aspect in our cultural scenario. Our scooters, getting seat in a bus ,rushing for dinner could wait a wee bit longer....


  • The best thing that can happen to a performer is an end-of-show standing ovation, every time s/he takes to the floor. If more of us among concert/theatre goers realize this we wouldn’t make such unseemly dash to our vehicles. Maybe we should have a notice put up near ‘Exit’, saying, ‘Stay on, to give a big hand to the artistes. They appreciate it.’ Invitation card/ticket to some shows carries the note, asking invitees to be at their seats 5-15 minutes before time. We could add a sentence to this – ‘Thank you, for staying till the end; your presence has made our day’.
    This, however, cannot apply to concerts arranged at some wedding receptions, and at make-shift pandals during ‘Dasara’ and ‘Ramnavami’, we have a floating audience.

    By Blogger GVK, at 8:47 PM  

  • i guess its a habit we have inculcated from watching movies and we start getting up as the titles start showing up on the screen.

    I happened to chat up a Disc Jockey in Bangalore and his version is that he just can't play music to Mysore crowd. He stated that he just simply can't understand Mysore crowd's taste for music.

    The reason why I mentioned this is episode is.. we need to encourage the artist in full presence, encourage the artist and acknowledge his expertise.

    By Blogger Suresh Yerapathi, at 7:50 AM  

  • I feel programme organisers should impress upon the audience that it would be nice if they stay seated till the end of the programme and give a big hand to the artiste. This they could do at their welcome speech. - Gouri Satya

    By Anonymous Gouri Satya, at 4:51 AM  

  • My name is B.R. Ramaprasad. This has bothered me a lot. I live in the United States and my daughter who was born here, married now, learned Bharatanatyam does not come to similar concerts here for this reason and many more. Talking during the concert, not forming a line to get into the autitorium, late start and the like. My suggestion at least to partly address this is to do the felicitation and doing vote of thanks at the beginning of the concert rather than at the end. Once the performance starts no one should be allowed to enter or leave till the piece is complete. We are trying this here and I cannot say that it is a complete success but seems to have made a slight progress.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:43 AM  

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