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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

'Punishment for Mr. Narayanamurthy'!

The NRN episode on National Anthem rightly created a flutter all over with Mr. Murthy finally, tendering an apology.

The echo is still being heard in the corridors of Power in Bangalore, because the punishment has not been decided yet. Since these things are decided in Vidhana Soudha, I went and met the All-Party Spokesperson who was very calm and courteous despite all the hungama going around her. She looked all harried and haggard.

‘What are you going to do with Mr. Murthy now that he has apologized?’

‘He has apologized, but there is so much to be done, sir. One of our leaders wants him to be deported where nobody wants him. I have been phoning all over the last three days. Everywhere they seem to want him. At this rate, it’s going to be difficult to pack him off to nowhere’.

‘You didn’t find any place?’

‘To teach Mr. Murthy a lesson which he will not forget easily, another leader wanted that Mr. Murthy be sent to a place where there is no water …. I was thinking of a Planet near Earth - HD 209458b. Even ISRO was ready to help us out. But the U.S. Scientists have spoiled it all. They have just found there is water in that planet! If you ask me, as a punishment, there is no place better than Bangalore, as you get water only once in 3 days here. I get up at 4 in the morning to store 2 buckets of water before I come for work. Probably we will let him stay here. This will be the best punishment’!

‘Any more suggestions from our MLAs?’

‘One of them wanted a CBI enquiry. I tried to call the Agency .Somebody bluntly told me they have many cases already lined up like the Bellary scam, NICE scam, assets disproportionate to income etc for which they are still awaiting clearance. Obviously they just can’t take up this thing’.

‘I sympathize with you. But can’t you line up any punishment at all’?

‘I have to, sir. Otherwise I will lose my job! You seem to understand my problem better. I thought maybe we should put some more pot holes in the IT Corridor before Monsoon sets in. This will teach all of them a lesson. The BMC is already doing their bit.. But this is punishment, no sir? We should ask them to dig it up deeper.. perhaps, a trench every few yards.

We could also make the approach road to their campus one way and ask them to go round and round till they go nowhere. We are good in making such roads in Bangalore…I have to think something quick…If you get any ideas will you please call and let me know …? Thank you, sir.’
Tailpiece: At last, at the instance of an ex- MLA, the Vijaynagar water tank with huge gaps in its roof is being cleaned after 7 years! What about MCC itself? If it is given a good shakeup, hopefully lot of muck will come out!

E.R. Ramachandran


  • Make NRM the next vice chancellor of Mysore University. That should teach him a lesson as he would be tearing his hair out to determine which professor deserves his/her position, and how to bring back the credibility of the good old university. At the end of the tenure, he would emerge as a defeated person or even in the middle of his tenure he would throw in the towel, and in either case, he would seek the life of a hermit and no one would see him again in public!!

    By Anonymous Guru, at 5:00 AM  

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