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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just two Posers to Mysoreans

1. The New Railway Budget will be announced by Prof. L.P. Yadhav shortly.The Railway is sitting on unprecedented profit of more than Rs. 20,000 crores and a sense of euphoria.Lalu has shown a sense of urgency to take on new projects, rebuild stations, provide better passenger facilities.

What's happening in Karnataka and Mysore? The Bangalore- Mysore Railway project will perhaps enter in to Guiness Book Of Records for 'sheer slow march' which can beat any Bandset playing the dirge. If this project is put in 'faster track' , apart from save milliong of gallons of Diesel , it can bring in pollution -free cheaper, faster travel by electric train in less than 2 hours or so. It can speed up travel, improve business, improve tourism and so on...

Why is the State Govt. dragging its feet on this? The officials and Ministers ought to be in RailBhavan meeting officials, pulling strings or whatever to speed the process up. Instead they were first busy doing the 'Resort meetings' and now busier with Card or cabinet reshuffles!

One hears so many rumours such as the Govt, itself doesn't want this project as it would cut in to profits of KSRTC, Links with Volvo and even NICE seeems to be objecting to the Railway project etc..

Once the budget is out and finding no mention of projects , the State will go in to 'breast-beating' mode that we have been once again neglected. Can't something be done NOW?? What is our M.P., who is also in the Railway Sub- committees doing ?

2. Whatever happened to the 'Sound and Light' project of MysorePalace which was uncorked with 'Lightning and Thunder and Pomp' before the last Dasara festival? Has it been put to the proverbial anasthesia, till next Dasara? Politicians, the ever 'watch dog' press seem to have forgotten about the whole thing..Already lot of taxpayers money has been spent on this. When will it see the light of the Day??


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