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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Choosing a Date for the Helmet!

The Cabinet sub-committee under the C.M. met in his office to choose a date for introducing Helmets in the State for two-wheeler and pillion riders. The C.M., with a calendar in front of him, was deep in thought and shook his head while muttering to himself ‘July, August, September’.

The C.M. started the proceedings. After going thro’ the dates the C.M. said,

‘ October 1st seems to be all right. I will announce that helmets are compulsory from 1st October, 2006.’

‘Sir, October 2nd is Gandhi Jayanthi and is a public holiday. It is not good to start a new rule when the following day is a holiday. Further, out of respect for Bapuji, we should not start this on 1st October’. That was from the Home Minister who is the senior most member of the cabinet and, considered, a Gandhian, of sorts.

‘ How about 1st November? Yes. We will start the new rule from 1st November’.

‘ We can’t do that. November 1st is Karnataka Rajyotsava Day. Moreover, it is Suvarna Karnataka Year . We should not come in the way of people celebrating the historic event with a rule, which is cumbersome and curtails their freedom. In fact, we should be lenient in November even if they break any traffic rules. I will advise the police commissioner and the RTO accordingly’, that was the PWD Minister, and elder brother of C.M.

The younger sibling buried his head in the calendar again to fish for fresh dates!

‘That’s it. I have got it. The Helmet become compulsory from 1st December 2006’.

‘Sir, Let’s not be in a hurry. December 1st is Ekadasi. Not an auspicious day to start a new rule when a majority of people go on a fast and start their day hungry! Further, 1st December is World Aids day! Considering all that we should not start on December 1st’. That was Minister for Secondary and Higher Education.

‘That doesn’t give us much option. All right. Let us start from New Year Day. January, 1st, 2007’

The Police Commissioner, who was a special invitee, intervened.

‘Sir, December 31st is the New Year eve. As it is, we put number of restrictions with regard to consumption of liquor and driving after drinking. New year bashers will use their helmets to bash us .It will become a weapon in their hands. Remember the day of Rajkumar’s funeral, sir? We should not start on 1st January, sir’.

The C.M. Scratched his head and once again started pulling his hair – whatever that was left of it and thought - ‘ I never faced such a difficult situation even when we mounted a vote of confidence last year or during Bellary CD show’.

All right! let’s decide it will be from 1st of February 2007 and go home’.

‘ February and March are ‘Tax Months’ in the State, sir. Most of them will have to invest in NSC, PPF, LIC, etc. Their salary would have gone into tax saving schemes and most of them would be lucky to take home any salary. We shouldn’t burden them further’ that was the Finance Minister.

The C.M. covered his head with the calendar. Suddenly, he tore part of the last sheet off the calendar, scratched and pierced a hole at a particular place and shouted,

‘ No more discussions. My decision is final. The New Helmet Rule will come from 1st, April 2007. The meeting is over.’

That’s it. It will now become effective from All Fools Day!!

E.R. Ramachandran 07 September 2006



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