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Monday, October 06, 2008

The little genius - Satwik

Young Satwik walked into our house with his mother Mallika from Kuvempu nagar, Mysore when he was 3 years old singing:

Dose, Dose,

Ajji Maadida Dose,

Garigariyada Dose

( Dosa, Dosa, The one Granny makes, crispy and Tasty)

He was all 3 years when he could sing this ditty .Soon he lost his speech and later he was losing touch with reality..He was becoming an autistic child. His teacher found him brilliant but due to his condition, the body could not keep pace with his amazing racing brain.Autism is really a brilliant mind caght in a hopeless body unable to keep pace with the brain.Some of you might have seen the brilliant portrayal of autism in 'Rainman' by Dustin Hoffman.

Satwik could not play with other children as he was in his own world.He cannot write himself as his hand does not get enough support from the muscles to hold the pencil .When supported he can scribble always the correct answer as his brain has grasped all there is to know.He does not talk. He learnt slowly but his teacher never could understand when he sees a page or listens to her!
He can swim like a fish, cycle as if he is doing Tour de France and skate beautifully.

Once he went to see KRS dam. There his father tried to explain details about the dam. Satwik, hardly saw anything and seemingly nothing fell on his ears. When he came home he typed all the answers such as height of dam,When it was built, the dam capacity in cusecs, who built it etc!He typed this on the keyboard of a computer when given support to his hand.Next day, we thought we will test him.We typed out ( a+b)2 = a2 +2ab+b2. Then we typed ( c+d)2 =

When support was given to his hand he typed out c2+2cd+d2 !He was 4 when he did this.

He did many sums like this.

He moved to Kurnool two years back as his father Srinivasa Rao was transferred.
Last year he was one of the disabled children from all over India to meet President Kalam.He must have dazzled the great man too.

Last month he was awarded the best disabled child in the country by the Minister for Social welfare MS. Meira Kumar in Delhi.

Once Satwik was asked why he doesn't speak? He typed out 'I will when the time comes'.

When asked what he wants to become when he grows up he typed 'Einstein'.


  • ERR, this is a very touching story. Who knows, with God's help Satwik may one day emulate Einstein.

    By Blogger Abraham Tharakan, at 7:05 AM  

  • True, what AT says, and may his nature be the same as his name!

    By Blogger Swarna, at 12:46 AM  

  • I was so moved when I read this. May God grant Sathwik his wish and may he grow into an Einstein.

    By Blogger RAJI MUTHUKRISHNAN, at 6:43 PM  

  • hello can I get Satwik's contact address/phone number ? I think this is the same boy I met during an IBM sponsored computer workshop in Bangalore, (Karnataka Spastic Society). I would like to meet him and his parents again.

    Thanks, Prabhu (e-mail: drachako@in.ibm.com )

    By Anonymous R.D.Prabhu, at 10:12 PM  

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